Arson and Property Destruction

If you have been charged with arson or any other crime involving the destruction of property, it is critical that you understand what is at risk in your case. In Pennsylvania, arson endangering persons is a first-degree felony offense, and starting a fire that results in death carries the potential for a life sentence or capital punishment. Even if your case does not involve allegations of causing risk of injury or death, you could still be facing up to a decade behind bars.

At McKinney Law, we have experience successfully defending clients charged with arson and related offenses in Pennsylvania. We have secured favorable verdicts in cases involving a broad range of factual circumstances and criminal charges, and we regularly spar with commonwealth prosecutors on behalf of our clients. Unlike other defense attorneys who would rather negotiate a plea than go to court, we are aggressive litigators who are fully-prepared to fight to the end at trial.

Arson and Related Offenses

Pennsylvania’s arson statute outlines a variety of offenses that range in degree from first-degree felonies with enhanced penalties to third-degree misdemeanors. We represent individuals charged with all arson-related offenses in the Pittsburgh area, including:

  • Arson endangering persons
  • Aggravated arson
  • Arson of historic resource
  • Arson endangering property
  • Reckless burning or exploding
  • Dangerous burning
  • Failure to control or report dangerous fires
  • Possession of explosive or incendiary materials or devices

In order to prove each of these offenses, prosecutors must gather evidence to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. When we represent you, we will work to expose any holes in the prosecution’s case and determine if you have Constitutional or other grounds to exclude incriminating evidence from your trial.

Causing or Risking Catastrophe

Causing catastrophe and risking catastrophe are criminal offenses under Section 3302 of Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Statutes. If you have been charged with causing or risking catastrophe, you could be facing anywhere from seven to 20 years in prison and $15,000 to $25,000 in fines. Under Section 3302, even acting “recklessly” is enough to establish criminal culpability. But, if prosecutors argue that you caused an explosion, fire, flood, collapse or release of a toxic substance “knowingly” or “intentionally,” then you can be charged with a first-degree felony offense.

3 Reasons Why Clients Trust McKinney Law in Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Our Aggressive Approach to Criminal Defense

When we take your case, we expect to take it to verdict. We are aggressive trial lawyers who do not shy away from exposing flaws in the prosecution’s case in court.

  1. Our Results in Criminal Court

Not guilty of arson. Not guilty of homicide. These are the results we get – and the results we expect – when we go to battle for our clients.

  1. Our Personal Commitment to Preserving Your Future

We know what is at risk in your case, and we understand that your case is the most important thing going on in your life. We are here when you need us, and protecting your future is our only priority.

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