Attempted Homicide

Attempted homicide — more commonly known as attempted murder — is a first-degree felony offense under Pennsylvania law that could expose you to significant criminal liability, with penalties that could include up to 20 years imprisonment.  The severity of the crime may come as a surprise to those who mistakenly believe that the victim’s survival somehow downgrades their conduct to a minor offense.  In truth, the attempt itself is enough for significant criminal liability to attach.

Elements of Attempted Homicide in Pennsylvania

According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Com v. Anderson, attempted murder is defined by reading the attempt statute in conjunction with the murder statute.  Simply put, attempted murder occurs when the defendant:

  1. takes a substantial step
  2. towards an intentional killing.

Each of these elements is a necessary condition for the prosecution to find that you have committed attempted murder.  If they cannot show one or the other — or both — then criminal liability will not attach.

Sentencing for Attempted Homicide

In Pennsylvania, first degree felonies — such as attempted murder — carry penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment and fines of up to $25,000.

It should be noted that there is no mandatory minimum sentence for attempted murder in Pennsylvania.  Still, certain factors will heighten the gravity of the offense and increase the penalties.  If you used a deadly weapon in the commission of your attempted murder offense, for example, or if you caused serious bodily harm to the victim during your attempt, then the court may choose to enhance your sentence.

Common Defenses in Attempted Homicide Cases

There are a number of defenses to attempted murder, though two common arguments are worth highlighting for now.

No Substantial Step Was Taken

You may be able to avoid criminal liability if you can show that you did not actually take a substantial step towards committing murder.  Mere planning is not enough to find that a substantial step was taken.  For example, if you purchase a gun and tell a friend that you intend to kill your neighbor, that would not be enough for attempted murder liability.  The prosecution would have to show that you took an additional step, such as confronting your neighbor or firing the gun in their direction.

No Intention to Kill

If you had no intention to kill, then you cannot be held liable for attempted murder.  Many attempted murder cases are in fact muddled fight situations where there is no intent to cause death.  For example, if you punch someone in the face for insulting you, that would not necessarily reveal an intent to kill, unless the prosecution could introduce evidence that clearly indicated your intent to cause the victim’s death (with the punch).

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